Now more then ever clinical oversight is critical for HealthTech businesses

The Covid-19 outbreak is unlike any previous crisis: many companies are wondering how to support global efforts, deal with the situation and potential economic consequences.

March 2020 | 2 min read

We are in a period of unprecedented pressure and change in healthcare. The pace of this change is faster than anything we have seen before. In these conditions you still need to make the right decisions for

patient safety

and for your business.

Even before Covid-19 emerged there was a rapid expansion of digital products coming onto the healthcare market. These innovative solutions have the potential to, and are already having a significant impact on the delivery of patient care and clinical outcomes. The current situation has rapidly increased the pace of this innovation and the adoption of these services, for example primary care has changed to a greater than 50% remote delivery model in a matter of days.

Navigating this complex sector requires an appropriate level of oversight and compliance with all the regulatory requirements. The regulations are essential to ensure new technologies meet the required standards, ensuring that products will be used appropriately to protect patient safety, to aid clinicians in delivering care, and to maintain data protection. However, the regulatory landscape is complex and unfortunately does not always keep up with the pace of change, adding to the challenge.

The need for a code of conduct for data driven health and care technology is well accepted in the sector, and prior to the current pandemic this code of conduct was being developed through engagement with public, key-stakeholders and using governing principles such as contained within the NHS constitution. It is highly likely that insight from progress made getting products and services onto the market and adopted by users quickly will provide an excellent opportunity to feed into this process. In addition to regulatory requirements launching or scaling a new product needs to be done ethically, legally, transparently and with a strong evidence base. This all needs to be done at pace.

From a business perspective the end point of getting products and services to market is also to achieve growth that ensures commercial success of your business. In these times of rapid change there may not be the time to scale your business or raise capital by normal routes; every stage of the business model needs to be streamlined. This is unlikely to be the right time to spend time hiring a clinical lead to ensure your strategy fits the market and can meet the necessary regulations.

Datalla are now offering a specialist service for HealthTech, MedTech, Pharma, Life Science and Provider clients who need additional support in clinical input to market engagement and strategy, or regulatory oversight. This service enables the rapid provision of a clinical leadership function to your organisation on a contract basis.

If you would like to expand the usage of your service, or get clinical products quickly to market then, Datalla Group’s Clinical Insight could be the answer. Whether you are a start-up, SME or corporate, Datalla Group’s Clinical Insight can provide you with an instant and enhanced capability to deliver on your clinical strategies for better outcomes. If you would like to discuss how we can help please contact me at

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Dr Harriet Leyland


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