What is Pervasive Intelligence and is it the key to unlocking data value across industries?

Digital Reality believes that businesses in the UK currently miss out on £52bn each year because of under-investment and weaknesses in data infrastructure, strategy and analytics skills. According to the research, leading tech companies are now investing to close that gap through big data technologies.

This, is for sure, an interesting topic and one that is already found in various industries as advances in artificial intelligence (AI) software and hardware are giving rise to a multitude of smart devices that can recognize and react to sights, sounds, and other patterns—and do not require a persistent connection to the cloud. These smart devices, from robots to cameras to medical devices, could well unlock greater efficiency and effectiveness at organizations that adopt them.

If you are interested in learning a little more about pervasive intelligence there are some excellent articles provided by Digital Reality and David SchatskyJonathan CamhiAniket Dongre from the Deloitte Insights that are worth a read.

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