NHS Chief Digital Officer, Juliet Bauer, to join LIVI, Europe’s largest video GP provider in April 2019

Bauer's global role with LIVI will focus on working in partnership with the NHS and other health systems around the world. LIVI is committed to delivering the digital ambitions set out in the NHS Long-Term Plan published this week, including offering video GP appointments to all patients by 2023. NHS England CEO, Simon Stevens, claims video GP appointments could save NHS £1 billion through 30 million avoided trips to the doctor. Since launching in the UK, LIVI has delivered thousands of appointments to patients with 95% of consultations directly replacing a physical appointments.

Chief Digital Officer at NHS England, Juliet Bauer, is joining LIVI in April 2019 to take up a global product role, working with health services across the world to support them in their transformation to a digital first approach to primary care.  LIVI, Europe's largest online provider of video GP consultations, launched in the UK last October, partnering with NHS primary care providers to offer LIVI to their patients for free at the point of use. Since launch three months ago,

LIVI has already delivered thousands of appointments to patients with 95% of consultations directly replacing a physical appointment. Over the last two and a half years, Juliet Bauer has been a key element in the digital transformation of the NHS. Throughout this period, Juliet has encouraged the use of digital solutions to improve health outcomes and patient experience, and to deliver efficiencies for the NHS. 

The announcement of Juliet's move comes days after the NHS published its Long-Term Plan, with a major focus on digital transformation. The NHS plan sets out a goal to offer every patient across the country the ability to see a GP via video consultation in the next five years in a move to ease growing pressures on GPs and improve waiting times. NHS Chief Executive, Simon Stevens, estimates that such a move could avoid up to 30 million physical trips to primary care and save the NHS £1 billion per year. LIVI is committed to supporting the ambitions within the Long-Term Plan and is already partnering with the NHS to help its transformation to become a truly digital first health service. 

Since launching in the UK in October 2018, LIVI's partnership in the North West of Surrey with the NHS NICS GP Federation has generated exciting results, with over 13,000 patients signing up to use the service. 95% of GP appointments delivered via LIVI's UK video consultation service have directly replaced a physical appointment. This new way of delivering healthcare therefore has the potential to deliver on the ambitions for digital GP appointments Simon Stevens set out in the Long Term Plan.

Since launch, LIVI has been used by a wide range of demographics, with nearly 30% of the 1000s of patients it has helped aged over 50; demonstrating that digital healthcare has the power to improve the lives of everyone no matter where you live or your individual circumstances. Patients also rate the service 5 stars on the App Store, and, across Europe, where LIVI has delivered over half a million consultations already, average patient ratings are 4.8 out of 5. 

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