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We work with ambitious leaders who want to improve performance, build capabilities and shape the future. If you would like to work with us please complete the form below to brief us.


If you’re ready to do more than you think you can do, come and  join Datalla Group, to do the best work, with great people and help our clients shape the future of digital health.

Media Inquiries

Press and media can request an expert opinion. We can provide factual information about industry trends to support press releases and media articles, but not specific products or companies.

Vendor Briefings


Vendor Briefing

is a research tool for our analysts and an opportunity for HealthTech vendors to present its products, services and business strategies to our analysts.

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experts you can invite us to your trade events, press conferences and roundtables. You can also ask us to present, chair, facilitate or participate in your events.

Social Impact

We offer social impact opportunities, partnering with leading social innovators and providers to create solutions and tackle some of the most important global healthcare challenges.

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