About Us.

Accelerating your pace of growth, solving your toughest challenges and creating sustainable value that matters.


Combining industry focus, global reach, and local expertise, we work collaboratively with clients to help deliver measurable strategic, operational, financial, growth and technology improvement.


Developing our clients business to create competitive and sustainable advantage.


Improving our clients performance, building capabilities and mobilizing the organization.

Who we are

We are a global consulting firm that works in partnership to create and deliver innovative and pragmatic solutions that accelerates pace of growth, competitive advantage & value creation.

A unique perspective

With more than 50 years combined experience in building and scaling businesses into global leaders we help clients overcome their strategy, innovation and execution challenges.

How we work

Real and actionable value through a collaborative approach of understanding what’s important at the strategic and operational level and providing pragmatic solutions to deliver change.

Our everyday values

Independence, Integrity, Action, Pragmatism and Knowledge form the basis of everything we do. Our values, commitment and focus to deliver value and transfer knowledge is what sets us apart.

Integrity drive us

Success is not only measured by the outcome but by the interaction and legacy. We are absolutely transparent in everything we do, and deliver solutions designed around our clients’ needs.

Decisively actionable

We believe success is underpinned by action that is carefully planned, takes into account soft and hard requirements, utilizes knowledge and evidence and is decisively executed.

A pragmatic approach

Successful change is not improved with the dogged adoption of process or uncompromising methodologies. We apply a pragmatic approach that ensures needs are met first and foremost.

Expert knowledge

Knowledge reduces risk and adds value to the entire process allowing the organisation to concentrate on core business whilst safe in the knowledge that we are looking after your interests.

Challenging the status quo

We like to think that we are different - not only do we actively listen to individual client needs and form opinions, but we challenge the status quo to share what we believe will deliver success.

We take great pride in the company we keep

Anil Gupta Profile

Datalla Group’s expertise is exceptional, providing us with both strategic and “hands-on” support to create robust commercial insight, improve service delivery and design transformational digital strategies. I have no hesitation in recommending them.

Anil Gupta, Group Managing Director


DMC Healthcare

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